What Sheila’s seen, and where’s she’s been for the past year

I’ve now been blogging on this site for just over a year, and thought I should mark the occasion with a blog post. There have been some other rather more significant anniversaries this week so I thought today would be a more appropriate day for this post.  I just wanted to stay thank you, dear reader, for taking time out to read my various ramblings over the past year, sharing them and most importantly leaving comments.

It’s been quite an eventful year for me and others. When the University of Strathclyde decided not to renew our Cetis contract, I had decided that my future would probably be as a freelance/ed tech gun for hire.  Blogging had been a significant part of my practice at Cetis and it was something I wanted to continue with,  so I set up this blog.

Not sure what I would be doing I dallied with weekly updates “what Sheila’s seen this week”.  These  have tailed off quite a bit now I have full time employment at GCU, but I do try and keep the theme of where I’ve been and what I’ve seen alive at least once a month.   I’m also trying to blog at least once a week. Since starting at GCU I feel that now more than ever my blog is my professional memory and portfolio. As they say I’m not in it for the numbers – which is probably just as well given my stats 🙂

Anyway just out of interest these are my top ten posts from the last year. I see some themes emerging . . . but there are all around practice and “doing stuff” which I’m pleased about and I hope continues for the next year.

  1. What is a Learning Technologist?
  2. Open education practice, luxury item or everyday essential? #openscot
  3. After the MOOC has gone – the real collaboration and connectivism begins
  4. Some thoughts on the “Students expectations and perceptions of higher education” report
  5. Learning Technologist of the Year 2013
  6. Where Sheila’s been this week – digital residency mapping #HEAVandR
  7. Research as a service – the researcher as an API #oerrhub
  8. Collaborative auto-ethnography – an antidote to big data in MOOCs?
  9. GCU Games On – open and online and not an “M” word in sight
  10. Developing new forms of online practice


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