Open Data Glasgow #5 (#opendatagla)

The Open Data Glasgow meet ups are now back on track, and last night saw the 5th meet up of the group. Thanks to the UBDC for hosting the event and providing refreshments.

I really enjoyed the mix of speakers at the event, and the focus from them all on how open data can help communities and people. That makes a nice change from the big data, big money commercial focus of many data conversations. It also raises key issues about data literacy and how we need to ensure the everyone can access and keep getting access to public data and in turn be more aware and empowered about how their own data is being used.

Thanks to Graham Steel not only for doing much of the co-ordination for the meeting but also for live streaming the event.

I’ve  collated tweets from the evening into this storify, and you below is the recording of all the speakers.


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