Exploring #BYOD4L and #BYOD4Lchat

Last week’s #BYOD4L, and in particular, the nightly #byod4lchat tweet chats were fun, at times frenetic and fascinating insight into how our community is connecting, communicating collaborating, curating and creating using a range of mobile apps and devices.

Thanks to Martin Hawksey’s fantastic, open TAGSexplorer tool,  we can delve into the twitter stream a bit more.

In the main #BYOD4L there were 1028 unique tweets sent over the week, and 813 links which is quite a bit of sharing. Unsurprisingly, the #BYOD4lchat was a bit more active with 2467 unique tweets sent over the week. The screenshot below shows the list of top tweeters.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 11.24.32

When we go into the TAGSExplorer interactive view we can get a far richer picture of the the community and its connections.  Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 11.26.31.png

As well as the “swirly twirly” diagram,  we can explore not only the top tweeters, but also the top conversationalists (there are some users in both but differences too).

screen shot of top #byod4l conversationlists

We can also explore and search a time line archive of the tweets which is fascinating and gives a really nice visual overview of the periods of twitter activity each night last week.

screen shot of archive timeline view

We really did hit twitter every night last week between 8 and 9 pm.  We may or may not have been responsible for twitter going down on Friday night. . . .

I know I enjoyed all the tweet chats I managed to be part of. I found out about lots of new (to me) things and practice, made some new connections as well as catching up with old friends. That’s really the point of events like #BYOD4l, we all learn best by sharing with each other. I hope that the new connections made over the course of last week grow from strength to strength and I look forward to the next round of #BYOD4l.




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