Challenges of web residency case study – our vistor and residents journey and case study #HEAVandR

We have now officially completed our HEA Challenges of Web Residency Project, and submitted our case study on Friday.

This post is really just a collection of what we have shared so far and a link  to a draft version of the case study we submitted to the HEA on Friday.  Things didn’t go quite as planned, particularly around getting student engagement, however we are still working with the V&R model, and in fact did a workshop with some undergraduate students yesterday afternoon.  The case study explains in more detail our experiences and reflections of the project, as ever I’d be interested in your thoughts/experiences.


Sheila's V&R map, Feb 2014
Sheila’s V&R map, Feb 2014
visual workshop notes
workshop notes
Picutre of blank v&R map with biscuits and sweets
Essential kit for v&r mapping




  1. I’ve been wondering why we find that apps or services that are designed to solve a particular problem sometimes get used for something completely different. During this process have you noticed anything being used in a really interesting way or way you hadn’t thought off? Perhaps V&R maps that were very different to your own?

    • It’s a bit too early to tell for us and we have a very small sample but it’s growing! But our institutional spaces seem be visitor ones.

  2. […] This week I marked my first year here at GCU. I can’t believe how quickly the past year has gone, and as I completed my annual review I’m quite pleased with what I have been able to do in the last 12 months, but also frustrated that I haven’t done more. Still Rome wasn’t built in a day . . .  Highlights have been GCU Games On and the work I’ve been doing with Evelyn McElhinney on online residency. […]

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