Who’s data is it anyway? Post Brexit blues

What a day. I feel I need to write something today, but to be honest I don’t really know what. The results of the the UK EU referendum has stunned me, and many others.  What it all means I don’t know, but there will be consequences. The known unknowns will be making themselves visible very quickly.  In many ways the debate over the UK being in or out of the EU actually starts today. However, this is not a political blog, but Brexit is already affecting my everyday working life.

This morning I gave a presentation to the UHMLG Summer conference on learning analytics. What a day to be talking about data and predictions!  As I was presenting I made references to so many cross European, EU funded collaborations – not least the LACE project. I have been involved and benefited from so many EU funded projects, it really saddens me to think that future collaborations could be curtailed.

Part of my talk centred around the ethics of data use and collection. What happens to us now in the UK? It was only the power of the EU that was stopping Mrs May et all from turning Britain into a total surveillance society.  Who is going to protect my data rights now? I spotted this post on twitter which seems to suggest that there is hope from the web and big and open data, that the UK will have to  comply with wider EU and global regulations, but will it?

Today is sad day for many. I feel stunned. This is the second time in 2 years where I have voted the same as millions of fellow citizens but found myself on the wrong side of a very small majority.  I am left wondering how and why democracy has failed me. In the meantime here are my pretty pictures from this morning.

Learning Analytics – a brave new world or back to the future? – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires;


  1. “I am left wondering how and why democracy has failed me.” This is a haunting sentiment that far too many people share these days, I feel for all of you who feel a stranger at home—what a horrible reality, and an ominous harbinger of what’s to come.

    • thanks Jim. It is going to be a struggle but hopefully something good can come out of this. But just now millions of us are lost. At least in Scotland we have some leadership and vision, but nothing is clear cut. I fear for the rest of the UK, particularly the disaffected who bought into the right wing fear mongering. Over the coming weeks, months and years they will realise that they have been conned by the greatest political swindle ever. What hope for democracy then?

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